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What Readers Are Saying

Every emotion within your being is practically spent by the story told in d. v. murray’s latest novel . . . love, hate, jealousy, fear, things joyous—things bittersweet.

Arvin R

                                         The Bookworm

                                         New York, N.Y.

Like all of his novels, Dwight V. Murray has once again delivered a heartbreaking story . . . afraid I might miss something; I could not lay it down.

John H
                                         Books, Books, and More Books

How do you deal with your child being murdered? Harlan sought revenge, but revenge is never enough. Gripping . . . true to life.

                                          Rebecca M
                                         Newly Released Books Review

Once again he opens his book with a bang and closes it with the same. The Author is deep within the lead character’s head.

Davis S
                                         What to Read and Why
                                         The Dallas Sentinel

A murdered daughter and a father who watches it happen. If you have read d. v. murray’s novels, need I say more?

Maxine K
                                         Sacramento Daily

Pushing the door to the morgue open, his knees began to buckle . . . now there’s a ‘hook’ and the author sets it deeper and deeper.

                                        Marvin Z
                                        So what’s New?
                                        Aspen, Colorado

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