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What Readers Are Saying

A GREAT read, and I do not say that often.  Twists and turns abound.  Just when I thought I had something figured out, there was a roadblock, a curve, and signs pointing in different directions.  A four star must read.

                                                                  Avery S.
                                                                  Books, Books and more Books

It is wonderful to find a writer who not only tells the story, but pulls the reader into it, in order for them to experience the joys, share the turmoil and not be just another person holding a book.
                                                                  Steven Boyett
                                                                   Author of "Inheritence of Honor"

...the patriarch of the Samuel Elywn Biggs family has made a hard decision and now regrets it.  Mr. Murray does a masterful job of describing the bond that exists between father and son and what he must do to prove his love for his son and his family.
                                                                  The Raleigh Post

This story is the crowning achievement for the author's first book, Caroline gamble.....so many characters, so many plots....

                                                                  Jonathan Warden
                                                                  The Nashville Tribune

The construction and the addictive storytelling of Mr. Murray follows through with intricate and interlacing plots.  The unique word-painted descriptions of both people and places, and the unique characters are enough alone to read this spell binding work.

                                                                  Steve H. Wentland
                                                                  Author of "The Speaker"

Comes along only occasionally, a story so filled with a wide and differing variety of characters and intertwining plots that even a jaded reviewer like myself cannot put it down.  Such is As the Cannon Roar.
                                                                 Lester H.
                                                                 The Dallas Sentinel

Your last book was a 'can't put down sort of story'.  I enjoyed it immensely and look forward to the sequel and the further adventures of Sam, Rose, and their children.

                                                                 Lynn Q.
                                                                 Limerick, Ireland

 ....and cried for joy when the caramel-colored woman finally found where she belonged.

                                                                 Mary W.
                                                                 Rocky Mount, NC

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