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What Readers Are Saying

Like the author, I too, was born in the same area of North Carolina in which his book, Carolina gamble, is set.  A true Southerner, d.v. murray nailed the nuances of the southern people-their slang, their culture, their loves, their sense of justice.  His knowledge of the Southern Antebellum period is impressive and complete.  What a great story.

                                                                  Ivan Denton, Mountainburg, AR
                                                                  Author of "Old brands and lost trails"

...and to tell you I lived in Weldon for almost all of the nineties.  Half the fun of reading your story was visualizing the areas you used as backdrops.  Carolina gamble made me sad, made me laugh, and made me homesick.  
                                                                  Mary Jane F., Previouly Weldon, now Wake Forest, NC

Mr. Murray, thanks so much for writing this story.  I was so hooked by the first page, I finished the book in two days.  I have thought about that family every day since.  Now waiting for As the Cannons Roar.
                                                                  Ken J., Luling, TX

With all the twists, turns, and complex characters, I am surprised you never missed a beat.  How were you ever able to keep it all straight?  Good solid storytelling.
                                                                  Charlene M., Rome, GA

With each new page, I felt I were there.  I could smell the sweating horses, the stink of the swamp, the odor of unwashed and weary travelers, and could easily step into that sick world Hesper lived in.  Uncle George's scarred back, the running sores and hardening yellow pus was hard to read about ... but his new master's humanity eased the pain of reading it.  The comparison of his vile previous master and his new master was pure genius.

                                                                  Harold D., Chardon, OH

The ride through the swamp was, well, yucky.  I felt like I needed a bath.  A lot of baths.
                                                                 Janice E., Black Mountain, NC

Your book took me back to a time when life was hard, and heroes few.  The plots were intricate, yet you wove them in a way I could feel the rawness of the experiences of the characters as they attempted to conquer the circumstances which bound them together.

                                                                 Angela Caughlin, Houston, TX
                                                                 Author of Journaling through: Unleashing the Power of the Authentic Self

 ....Poverty, wealth, solitude, love, threats received and retaliations paid...things we can control...sometimes.  Finally a strong story teller has arrived.
                                                                 Books, Books and Books.

You might put it down, but not for long...there's too much waiting.

                                                                The Monthly Reviewer

d.v. murray uses a clever style to address a difficult problem.  How far would you go to protect someone you love?  A forceful retaliation?  Maybe even murder?  He delivers the options and the shattering final decision.
                                                                 David L. Shuster

This new voice has prepared a literary feast...my stomach growled and my mouth watered for more...then he opens the door to the banquet.

                                                                Book Writer's Group

Native son and new author, d.v. murray exposes a dark and sinister underbelly of the "beloved" Antebellum era of the Old South.  Carolina gamble was hard to lay aside.
                                                                 The Raleigh Post

Master story teller, d.v. murray builds the story into a roaring storm of love, hate and revenge...and leaves the reader seeking shelter with the turn of the page.
                                                                  Richmond Daily

The family saga, an almost lost genre has been brought back for us to enjoy.  And enjoy it you will!  Pages filled with intriguing plots and a bevy of varied personalities-from the strong-willed to the mentally ill, will keep you reading and reading.

                                                                  Ellen Gettings Smith
                                                                  Author of Hell's Broken Family

Just as your eyes become gritty from reading, a new plot appears...and you must continue.
                                                                  Darrell Quinn
                                                                  Author of Snake Eye Joe

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