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As the Cannon Roar

        Thaddeus Samuel Biggs, through no fault of his own, feels a sense of entitlement.  To call him spoiled is inadequate—the word weak and  insufficient.  But a life filled with opulence and wealth has been a huge part of the privileged boy’s existence. He has grown accustomed to two things; receiving anything his heart desires, and a father who can not say no. By comparison, with all nature of good things lavished upon him, he can not relate to the poverty his father claims he, himself, was born into. Tad does not believe such an empty life, so void of material possessions, is possible.

        He has become self-indulgent and arrogant. His father, Samuel cannot control his son, and Tad has begun to think he is the  equal of his parents. Therefore, he will listen to neither.

        Too late, Samuel Biggs realizes he has spoiled his son. The temper tantrums, and rebelliousness are his doing and his alone. His wife has warned her husband their son is becoming unmanageable and encourages him to be firm with his son. But Sam does not want to see his son suffer from the lack of anything, and certainly not  the likes of the poverty into which he was born. And try as he might, he does not have it in him to be firm with the  young man.

        Married at forty, Sam sees the boy  as an extension of himself, while his two daughters, which he loves as dearly, are carefully shepherded by their mother.

        The time has arrived when Tad’s ever growing ego must be halted. And no one is more prepared than the cagey old professor at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington , Virginia . The new teacher bends his charge into a new person.

        An unexpected series of dramatic events rushes in upon Thaddeus—things over which he has no control. His life catapults in a drastically different direction than what he  has been expecting. He must learn to ask things of others, not to order and expect. A wide range of characters, each with baggage of their own,  becomes more important to him than any material thing he has ever possessed.

        And Tad no longer feels entitled.

 Title:  As the Cannon Roar

ISBN:  516-4-491-54301-1
Author:  Dwight V. Murray
Publisher:  Wild Pony Publishing
softcover/340 pages/approx.size 6" x 9"/trade

About the Author:  Dwight V. Murray

Born in a time when history was still being taught in public schools and before sanctimonious idiots began to determine what our children needed—or did not need to know of this nation’s glorious past, the author was one of the lucky ones. History of this great nation  was taught and never censored.

He has spent decades studying that Antebellum era searching for the causes  of the American Civil War. He and his wife have visited all of the National battlefields and are collectors of Civil War weaponry. His great-grandfather, “Gus” Murray and Gus’s older brother Joseph, fought in the Civil War, and both of their respective units fought in Pickett’s Charge. Gus, although wounded twice, survived and surrendered at Appomattox with the balance of General Lee’s army. Great-granduncle Joseph also survived a futile attempt of the Confederacy to stop Sherman ’s march as it plowed through North Carolina northward. 

Dwight V. Murray has a proud heritage.

There are thousands of authors who write about the Civil war and each story told is a close version to any other. After years spent following the war from one battlefield to the next, he realized the story had been told many times over and did not want to be just another Civil War author. He learned there never was just one  reason, but many—and all are still being argued over.

From all of his research, a new concept bloomed. The story of the southern family, their reason for fighting, the cost of doing so, both personal and material, needed to be told. In order to tell the human side, he needed to become as one with those families.

Such a story is As the Cannon Roar.
Copyright Year:  2011